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The world won't change itself. A statement that applies equally to the realm of the arts. There is a need for producers who are critical thinkers, possess clear views of their own, and who are not afraid to think and work beyond existing structures and disciplines. That is why we set up DAS Creative Producing.

What is creative production? Read the article (in Dutch) from Culturele Vacatures here

‘Resistance and change often begins in art.’
Ursula K. Le Guin

The DAS Creative Producing master's is a two-year, interdisciplinary part-time programme for project managers, producers, business leaders, curators who want to develop as creative producers. They work in all art disciplines, including theatre, film, music, digital art, visual arts and dance. Within the master's programme, you develop your own artistic and social vision. You explore the relationship of art with community, sustainability, inclusiveness, entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary work and politics. 

The creative producer as a force of inclusion
Within the changing realm of the arts there is a need for producers who are critical thinkers, possess clear views of their own, and who are not afraid to think and work beyond existing structures and disciplines. These times demand new ways of producing. Creative producers who can bring artists, communities and financers together based on well-founded views and shared values. Using innovative, sustainable and inclusive methods. Creating art projects with clear social relevance, support and co-ownership for all parties within a community.

The DAS Creative Producing master is convinced that art can contribute to making the world more diverse, equal, sustainable and achieving reciprocal relationships.

Our mission is to train creative producers who work according to the creative producing method. This method is based on connecting three domains: communities, artists and financiers. This method focuses on the values ​​of pluralism, equality, sustainability and reciprocity. Creative producers apply the creative producing method in their artistic/work practice and thus realize projects and processes that have the effect of art: putting into process and imagining a possible world.

Classes, seminars and workshops
Master students will spend five consecutive days a month at DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam. In addition to attending classes, seminars and workshops with fellow students from their own year, the first and second-year students work together on various elements of the course. The interaction with fellow students, artists and professionals from various disciplines contribute to their study of producing practices. Students work in small groups and receive personal coaching. The language of instruction is Dutch, teaching materials will be largely in English. More about the study programme

Lecture series: Producing the Future
One important feature of the programme is the monthly lecture series Producing the Future. Speakers include artists, philosophers, scientists, producers and activists, trailblazers of contemporary discourses on the arts, media and society. The lectures focus on their personal motivations, views and experiences within their respective fields. More about the lectures

Registration and selection
View the admission requirements and procedure: Registration and selection. You can register for the 2023-2025 class from January 2023. The first selection round is in writing.

Programme details
Artistic directorGwenoële Trapman & Marijke Schaap
Study load60 EC
Study length2 year, part-time
Language of instructionDutch
CROHO code49138
TitleMaster of Arts (MA)


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DAS Graduate School

The Creative Producing study programme is part of DAS Graduate School. The Academy of Theatre and Dance founded DAS to bring together its master’s, doctorate and research programmes under the same roof.