Martin Brans

Martin Brans

DAS Graduate School

DAS Graduate School /Host & Office Assistant

Martin Brans (Zaandam, Ned. 1966)  

Martin is a qualified speech and voice therapist and has a practice specializing in speech/voice/ breathing coaching and therapy, especially for singers, (voice) actors and professional speakers.

In addition to his practice work, he has had various jobs as a receptionist and administrative assistant. 

Martin also is a singer and has experience in various styles and forms, from pop to improvisation. In addition to singing lessons, master classes, etc., he attended ‘Kleinkunst’ training courses and studied classical singing at the Conservatory. He now sings, among other things, classical music in an ensemble.

He has also been active for a long time within Stichting Mannenwerk, a foundation which provides workshops and training in the context of personal development, for men. In addition to administrative duties, he leads ‘awareness’ groups and offers body-oriented exercises.

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