Marilixe Beernink

Marilixe Beernink

DAS Research

Project Leader and Management Assistant, DAS Research

Marilixe studied civil law at the University of Groningen. After graduating in 2005, she worked as a lawyer in the financial sector. In 2012, she wanted to combine her education and legal knowledge with her passion for art and culture. She took the Arts & Law course at the University of Amsterdam, which inspired her to set up and carry out her PhD research at this university.

Her research is supervised by Prof. Chantal Mak, Professor of Private Law and mr. Selma de Groot, and is about the valuation process of cultural goods protected by the Dutch Heritage Act.

Since August 2019, she has been working for the Research Department of DAS Graduate School and is the content and management support for the lectorate of DAS Graduate School. She is also a board member of the Association for Arts, Culture and Law. 

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