Juul Beeren

Juul Beeren

DAS Theatre: Coach & Student counsellor
DAS Graduate School: Student counsellor

The student counsellor provides information and advice and caters to a student's specific needs. The student counsellor may also refer to other bodies inside or outside the AHK. Discussions with the student counsellor are always confidential.

Students can contact Juul Beeren for information and advice on all kinds of (practical) matters connected with the study, for example: laws and regulations, study grants, insurance, difficulties with the study course, exceptional circumstances that influence participation in the programme, terminating or interrupting the course, visas and residence permits, complaints and appeals procedures.

The student counsellor focuses on the student’s general development and functioning. 

In the role of a coach, Beeren can assist a student in acquiring additional skills or help optimize conditions for artistic research being undertaken. As team coach, she engages in a structural dialogue with the year group, in so called Process Meetings during the first year, and as process coach in preparation for the Contextual during the second year.


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