Residence permit extension

Please pass by the Central Student Administration 4-5 weeks before your old residence permit card will expire!

Modern Migration Policy Act
The Modern Migration Policy Act has changed on 1 June 2013. One of the advantages is that students will be able to obtain an entry visa and a residence permit for the duration of their course in a single application procedure. The AHK will apply for the extended procedure on behalf of the student. The new act also makes it easier for you to switch to a different educational institute without requiring a new permit. In case you are a student from an institute other than the Amsterdam University of the Arts and wish to continue your studies at our school, then we are responsible for your Change of Purpose application. Please pass by at the Central Student Administration within four weeks to arrange that.

Important: the new law requires you to achieve a minimum of 30 study points otherwise the Immigration and Naturalization Service may decide to cancel the residence permit. If you are not achieving 30 study points a year, get in touch with your student counsellor.

Applying for a residence permit extension
For the handling of visa and residence permit applications, the Amsterdam University of the Arts uses a system called VisaCare. If you want to apply for a residence permit extension, we will register you in VisaCare. You will receive an email with your account details. As soon as you activate your account, VisaCare will tell you exactly what to do.

On this website you can read information about the required documents for an extension, but please note: all documents should be uploaded in VisaCare. Please do not send them to us by email.

Step 1: required documents

For an extension of your residence permit you need:
• a copy of your current passport (valid for at least 12 months), including a copy of all stamped pages;
• a copy of your old residence permit (front and back site);
• a copy of a valid health care insurance policy.

Please fill in and upload the antecedents certificate (PDF, also downloadable in VisaCare).

After the process in VisaCare has finished the IND will notify the AHK when your residence permit is ready.

Step 2: financing and stay

In order to obtain your residence permit extension for study purposes you must show proof of having enough financial means to live on while staying in the Netherlands. Be aware that the IND can ask you for these statements. You are not obliged to hand in the bank statements at the Central Student Administration. The only thing you have to do is to fill in and upload this form about your financial means and authorization.
Please check the financial requirements.

Step 3: fee transfer

Please transfer an amount of € 272 to our bank account. Make sure to use the following information:

Name of the bank: Rabobank
Bank Account number (IBAN): NL79RABO0309032873
Name account holder: AHK Studentenadministratie
Bank address: Postbus 94374, 1090 GJ Amsterdam
Address Amsterdam University of the Arts: Postbus 15079, 1001 MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Add: student's name (as in passport) + date of birth

It is also possible to pay the fee directly by bank card  at the Central Student Administration office.

Note: without payment your application for the residence permit extension will be put on hold!

Step 4: application for your residence permit extension

Residence permit letter
As soon as we receive a letter from the IND that your residence permit is ready, we will notify you and you can come to our office to collect the residence permit letter. The address is:

AHK Central Student Administration
Jodenbreestraat 3
1011 NG Amsterdam
T 020 5277734

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10:00-16:00

Obtaining your residence permit card
With this letter and your passport you have to go to the Immigration Office to obtain your residence permit card. At the IND service desk your fingerprints will be taken. You only have to do this if you never had your fingerprints taken by the Immigration Office before. A photo will also be taken there (free of charge) and you must place your signature. No appointment has to be made for this.

The address is:

Immigration and Naturalization Service
IND-loket Amsterdam
Stadhouderskade 85
1073 AT Amsterdam
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00