What is it that unites us as a single school?
It’s a question we ask each other, and we’d like to ask you, our future student, that same question.

if we trust that art matters

‘Just try and imagine a world without art, without imagination. There wouldn’t be movies, or TV, or fashion, or dance, or music, or design, or even architecture. Life would be one long repetition, devoid of joy and colour.
At our school, we share the conviction that art matters. Art stands for the power of imagination, curiosity, beauty and comfort. Without imagination, there’s no progress. Without imagination, you can’t empathise with others. Imagination is what makes us special, and what makes life worth living.’

if we can learn from everyone

‘We believe that you can learn from everyone: from the world around you, from each other and from your teachers. And we also learn from you. The world and the art that you bring to us serve as a starting point for dialogue. Together, we will explore the theatre of the 21st century.’

photography: Sjoerd Derine


if we think artists contribute to shape the world

‘We believe that artists add something essential to our world. It doesn’t have to be societal or political – it can also be aesthetic, poetic or emotional.
You can’t just stand still, you’ve got to look ahead – that’s what art’s all about. We ask that of our students and our teachers.’

how will we act?

‘The most important question that you’ll answer during your studies is what you’re going to do as an artist. What do you personally want to mean to the world? We’re the only theatre and dance academy in the Netherlands where you’ll find all disciplines and facilities under one roof. It’s a school of knowledge, tradition, craftsmanship and technique. We will teach you these different facets, but we’ll also keep asking you what you want to contribute. What kind of 21st-century theatre and dance are you going to make with your contemporaries in this world? Because art isn’t only about tradition, it’s also about the future. And you are that future!’