Saly Ndoye

About Saly Ndoye

Saly Ndoye, she/her, (AHK, OPP, 2016) is a creative producer and context maker with an expertise in inclusion&diversity and education. Saly is business and artistic savvy with her various qualities. She has worked at both large and small cultural institutions, holding positions such as Head of Interaction&Inclusion at Theater Oostpool, Stage Manager at De Nationale Opera&Ballet, theatre teacher&vocal coach, and is employable as a freelance inclusion consultant and (context) programme maker. She currently works as creative director for the foundation she founded, SALTY, which focuses on talent development for young talents within the urban arts.

In her career, Saly has focused on developing/creating, producing and educating to make cultural offerings more widely accessible especially to children and young people. As a bicultural woman of colour, Saly knows how to seamlessly connect sectors, cultures and people from other walks of life and plays an important role as a bridge-builder in the sector.

The importance of fair practice to me:

"By adopting the Fair practice codes, we create an opening in the white stronghold of the cultural sector and create space for multi-voicedness.This is how we work towards a cultural field which is accessible to all in all areas.''