Landscape of the Cenes | Research Block | 2020

On March 4th 2020, DAS Theatre participants hosted a public presentation of the outcome of the 2020 DAS Theatre research block mentored by David Weber-Krebs and Jeroen Peeters.

Which images, objects, gestures and speech acts do we imagine part of the ecological crisis invading or haunting the theatre, turning it into a landscape and an emergent ecosystem?

DAS Theatre Participants: 

  • Anna Fries
  • Asa Horvitz
  • Tom Oliver Jacobson
  • Juan Miranda
  • Mazlum Nergis
  • Andrej Nosov
  • Mariana Senne dos Santos
  • Eli Steffen
  • Pankaj Tiwari
Bart Grietens Photography

Bart Grietens Photography

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