In March, Josefa Pereira and Veza Fernández are working towards their Master Presentations at DAS Graduate School. They will both conclude their residency with a try-out presentation that will be live-streamed. 


Veza Fernández

Try-out for livestream: Monday 22 March & Thursday 25 March, 18:00 CET

Alalazo” from ἀλαλά is a force call of one and at the same time many voices entering a battle, screaming, cheering, resisting, giving birth to a moan of ecstatic joy. It is the voice that has to come out shamelessly, exceeding all the prejudices and muting processes it has undergone throughout history. It is the voice that convokes invoking. The female* voice in its most sentient edges explored as an exceeding force and as a space for exploring other forms of listening and connection.

In this work Veza Fernández casts a bodily voice in visceral dialogue with the electronic landscape magic of the composer and producer Rana Farahani (aka Fauna) dragging reverberation through space and climax until what touches palpitates within.


Dear audiences, 

the presential ones and also the virtual,

(remember this is just another try out)

For me, the most difficult part in an artistic or academic piece is the moment to write some brief lines describing what is and what is at stake so that the potential reader, teacher, peer (all in all spectator) has an idea of what they are going to encounter when they encounter the art I am making. Probably, because what I see in my research is continuously changing according to my mood or what I have been experiencing, reading or hearing. And because… I guess I am longing for a direct approximation, tickling the you and the me from where you stand in relation to where I stand, in relation to the space in which we are meeting each other. This might be forever shifting. Can we really capture an experience into very little words? 

I always thought touch was a rhythm.

Sticky is the mess of feeling in love.

I feel like screaming and you are expecting a description of what is awaiting you. 

Well, you will enter a space which is a studio in a graduate school for theatre and dance all dressed up as a black box, as a show. For a moment it becomes a theatre space, but it is a rehearsal to be assessed, half naked, revealing a huge window towards Amsterdam Central Station. On top of it all, it will be streamed, recorded catalogued with an audience scattered in different computer and phone screens. For the ones from the internet. I recommend you to use headphones. 

You will look out the window. I hope. And back to the middle of the room. You will see hanging speakers, you will hear music, spit, and the never-ending stream of a voice gathering in the memory of when we could dance together, very close. The core, the vehicle, the instrument, the tool, the soul, the mind, the space, the gut, the skin, the compass, the tongue that sticks things together, the dragging hand from the realms of the underneath of the work, THE SENTIENT VOICE, pouring in the messiness of the polyphonic encounter of different lines of expression, experience and resonance. 

I dedicate this rehearsal, this try out, showing, this concert, this ritual, this invocation and this practice to all those that do not have the possibility to breath into each other anymore and to Santa Teresa de Ávila who taught me that to resonate in intensity through you until you step out of you is the ultimate manifesto of bodily knowledge. 


Choreography & Practice: Veza Fernández

Music Composition: Rana Farahani (aka Fauna)

Space & Costume: Sarah Sternat

Production: mollusca productions

Light and Sound: Udo Akemann, Harco Haagsma, Paula Montecinos (from the distance Christina Bergner and Lukas Froschauer)

Outside eyes, mentors and ears: Lau Lukkarila, Jamila Johnson-Small, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Jule Flierl, Paula Montecinos Oliva

Photo: Hanna Fasching

With the support of Stadt Wien Kultur MA 7, Im_flieger, NadaLokal, YAA Young Artsupport Amsterdam, ACT OUT (initiated by IG Freie Theater, supported by BMEIA) 

A co-production between brut Wien and Verein für Expressive Angelegenheiten