To the edge 3 - Dalton Jansen

  • Choreographer: Dalton Jansen in colloboration with the dancers  
  • Performers: Dalton Jansen - Adam Khazhmuradov - Giovanni Pisas  
  • Poet: Elten Kiene  
  • Music Composer: Tom van Wee 
  • Spoken word: Fred Santos Mendes Do Vale 
  • Styling: Odair Pereira 

While poet Elten Kiene opens To the Edge 3 with the words 'There is no script for friendship…', three friends meet on the floor. It soon becomes apparent that there is a lot of friction between them. How do they deal with this? Is everyone going with the group? Or do they prefer to walk their own path, even though it may be lonely? 

The three men fight neck and neck in a few square meters. Just a quick tapping of hands comfortingly on shoulder blades or someone holding a listening ear to a chest. A jump on a shoulder, a throw from it again. There really doesn't seem to be a script for friendship... 

Choreographer Dalton Jansen invites the audience to join him and his dancers on a rollercoaster of emotions in To the Edge 3. Playing with concepts such as vulnerability, strength, weakness, boundaries, relationships and space is characteristic of Dalton's work. He always enters into a dialogue with his audience by tackling very personal but at the same time universal issues and imagining them in his choreographies. 

In To the Edge 3, Dalton takes a closer look at the concept of friendship. This performance is the last part of the To the Edge triptych that he made under the wings of Production House Theater Rotterdam. Each part tells a different story and can be seen separately.

About Dalton Jansen
Dancer and choreographer Dalton Jansen graduated in 2018 from the Urban Contemporary (JMD) study program in Amsterdam. His choreographies operate at the intersection of hip-hop and contemporary dance. Dalton has won several prizes in recent years, for example he won the BNG Bank Dance Prize for To the Edge 3 in 2021. He also founded his own dance company BLACK BIRDS in this year. In the context of the new makers subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund, he conducted research into his own dance vocabulary under the wings of Conny Janssen Danst, DOX and Production House Theater Rotterdam. He has won the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht (an incentive prize for promising choreography talent who does not (yet) receive a structural subsidy! Immediately after the award ceremony, he shared the 10,000 euros on stage with his 2 colleagues who were also nominated.

About Adam Khazmuradov:
Graduated in 2019, Adam has been a regular part of the Hofesh Schechter Company since his 4th internship year. He also danced in productions of INNE Creations, Iván Pérez. Nightshifter by Temper Theatre, Withering and Capricho by Fernando Troya and Dalton Jansen as well with choreographers such as Heidi Vierthaler, Paul Sadot and Maxine Doyle.

About Giovanni Pisas:
After his start at the 5 o'clock class, Giovanni continued his studies at the UC (JMD) where he graduated in 2019. Since then he has worked at Dox and in various projects together with Dalton Jansen. Giovanni can also be seen live in Last Line.

About Tom van Wee:
Graduated from the Urban Contemporary (JMD) training in 2015. During his training his passion was already in composing music and after graduating he fully devoted himself to this. He composed music for Heidi Vierthaler (NDT/AHK), Dalton Jansen (Theater Rotterdam) and Artbeat Amsterdam (Theater Utrecht/DOX). He loves the power of improvisation and likes to create together with the dancers on the floor. He has been working with Anne Suurendonk since 2018, which led to him also performing his music/singing live on stage, such as in Anne Suurendonk's performance Bloedband in 2020.

Grote Zaal - starting time 19:30 hrs
Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45, Amsterdam

Dates and tickets:
Thursday 30 June
Friday 1 July
Saturday 2 July