Bittersweet - Alessio Reedijk en Flip Kwakkel

UC (JMD) LEGACY documentary

Direction, camera and edit: Alessiò Reedijk & Flip Kwakkel

Edit & title design: Dex Kerr 

Music & sound design: Tom van Wee 

The Urban Contemporary (JMD) department will end on September 1st 2022. This film is a conversation with 9 UC(JMD) alumni about what the deparment has meant to them. The interviewees represent more than 400 other alumnea of the UC(JMD) program. We dedicate this film to all these students, they represent the LEGACY of the UC(JMD).

With great thanks to all teachers, makers and other colleagues in the working field, who have made an unforgettable contribution to the department.

About Alessiò Reedijk:
Alessiò Reedijk alumnus of the UC(JMD) and graduated in 2019. After a role in a short film, he discovered his passion for film. Now he mainly connects dance and film. His work is poetic, rhythmic and dynamic.

About Flip Kwakkel:
Flip graduated in 2020 as a director at the HKU Audiovisual media. He has already made several short films and likes to look for connections with other art forms such as dance, music, fashion and poetry.

About Tom van Wee:
Graduated from the Urban Contemporary (JMD) training in 2015. During his training his passion was already in composing music and after graduating he fully devoted himself to this. He composed music for Heidi Vierthaler (NDT/AHK), Dalton Jansen (Theater Rotterdam) and Artbeat Amsterdam (Theater Utrecht/DOX). He loves the power of improvisation and likes to create together with the dancers on the floor. He has been working with Anne Suurendonk since 2018, which led to him also performing his music/singing live on stage, such as in Anne Suurendonk's performance Bloedband in 2020.


Grote Zaal - starting time 19:30 hrs
Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45, Amsterdam

Dates and tickets:
Thursday 30 June
Friday 1 July
Saturday 2 July