DAS master study programme Creative Producing accredited by the NVAO

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The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) has decided to grant accreditation to the new master study programme DAS Creative Producing that will start in September 2018. The study programme is part of the DAS Graduate School affiliated with the Academy of Theatre and Dance/AHK.

NVAO statement regarding the DAS Creative Producing study programme:
The Creative Producing master study programme is based on a clear vision and an excellent integral plan. Strong aspects include varied work forms, an explicit vision of teaching and learning that has been translated into an innovative structuring of the curriculum, a well-balanced teaching staff, keynote speakers, tutors and coaches whose individual disciplines complement one another and a superb location and facilities.   

The content is sufficiently internationally oriented, responds to social and cultural topicalities and meets the required master level.

Entrepreneurship in the arts
The world and the arts are continually developing and production within the arts sector is becoming increasingly more complex. The work practice of the producer is progressively more diverse, interdisciplinary and internationally oriented. There is a great need for new, innovative models and structures that can forge durable links between artists, financers and the public.  

Concepts like engagement, inclusiveness, autonomy, co-ownership and urgency are central to the curriculum.

This part-time master is the first study programme for creative producers in The Netherlands.

DAS Graduate School
DAS Graduate School was founded by the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam in order to bring together its master-, 3rd cycle and research programmes under one roof. DAS Theatre, DAS Choreography, DAS Creative Producing and DAS Research have joined forces to invest in the further development of education and research.