Looking back on Intro Week 2023

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It's a wrap! ATD's Intro Week 2023 is over again. On Friday 1 September, the week ended with a great party in the Theatre Hall. From performances, boat tours and a photo assignment to, getting to know each other and sustainability displays, that can still be seen in the hall.

These were the basics and aims:

  • clear, not too long, connect and mix (different programmes)
  • participation in Platforms 2025 and sustainability
  • cultural cooperation with ITA and De Parade
  • sustainable and vegan catering
  • offering target group (young) adults an elective programme with independent, personal space
  • offering interactive, creative and socially safe forms of work, and stimulating crossover with second-year students were well represented in the programme.

A sample of the four-day event:

         Tuesday 29 August - Meet and Greet

  • Opening ritual with all 162 freshmen and many of our ATD colleagues.
  • Speech by deputy director Athony Heidweiller, inviting us to pay more attention to our breath,
  • playful introduction round students and AL's.
  • In the afternoon Platform 2025 initiated collage pasting, with 'sustainable' expression: what do you want to share, what do you want to ask the other? Exhibition in the hall.

 Wednesday 30 August - Mapping the city

  • With three canal boats we went to the Stadsschouwburg, where Carmen's sustainable (!) lunch was served.
  • Performances of Femie - ATKA, Jason - UC, Rafael - SNDO in the Great Hall, sitting all together in a circle on stage.
  • Then into the city for a photo assignment, theme 'trash', Dropboxing it all, and back at the ATD watching together with sophomores.... LOL.

Thursday, August 31 - Circular energy

  • First-year workshops from own and a chosen other course. Attention and commitment.
  • Presentation and choosing out of 250 (!) mugs collected by Sjoerd and Judith. Tea ceremony with herbs from the roof terrace, moment of contemplating sustainability.
  • On to the Parade. Choice for sophomores to attend IPT (Inclusive Pathway Training) from PLF 2025, followed by performances and dinner for everyone. 205 tickets booked!

         Friday 1 September - Sharing is caring

  • Working independently in studios per training, to share some of the week's experiences. Later, sitting together in the Danstheater as a group (sometimes two groups), stepping onto the floor and sharing experiences translated into content & design, under relentless cheering, applause and support. Marcel and Kiki, designing sound and light in the moment, conjured with that, which the students evoked.
  • At night there was and rooftop dinner, a live band, DJ Solange and cyphers; a circle in which dancers and spectators intuitively and without competition element encourage each other to jump in. These cyphers emerged throughout the evening and provided a connected, metaphorical conclusion to the week.