May newsflash- Expanded Contemporary Dance

Photo credits: Ropes Alligned Produced by WhyNot x ECD Isabel Cordeiro & Ropes Aligned - And then, it becomes that

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Read the May ECD newsflash below! About the job shadowing visit of Johanna Marthinsson to the study programme, ECD during the Holland Festival, the four-year anniversary of the study programme and read what ECD students are currently working on.

Visit to the ECD department
Johanna Martinsson visited the Expanded Contemporary Dance department from 14 to 17 May. Johanna is a dance teacher at Edvard Munch Videregåendeskole in Norway and visited the ECD department because of her job shadowing experience abroad. She visited a variety of classes and spoke to our artistic director, Bojana Bauer.

ECD during the Holland Festival
ECD teacher Jodi Gilbert will perform with Meredith Monk on 23 and 24 June during the Holland Festival with Indra's net including live orchestra. The two ECD students Layla Miño and Kofi Boanyah will also be preforming at the festival. More information:

Fourth anniversary of Expanded Contemporary Dance dance programme
The Expanded Contemporary Dance course has existed in this form for four years! The first batch of ECD students will graduate this school year. They will receive their diploma and start a professional career outside the school.

Students at work:

  • Third-year ECD student, Nara Azevedo Gonçalves, will participate in a workshop with choreographers Jonas&Lander researching a movement language connected to Fado in Lisbon, Portugal. It is a training that aims to promote rapprochement with beaten fado and revitalize the dance that fado lost. Read more about Nara's research here.
  • One of our fourth-year ECD students Balder Hansen has won a spot in a two-year development programme for young artists in Eindhoven, EMOVES. The programme is developped for urban Hip Hop talents. We congratulate Balder and can't wait to see how he incorporates his newly learned skills within EMOVES!
  • The third-year ECD students performed at the NDSM-wharf on April 26th with And then, it becomes that. It was an artistic collaboration between the visual artist Isabel Corderio and areal dancers of Ropes Aligned, in co-production of ECD and Why Not - at NDSM. Students experimented with their bodies and the elements in suspension and on the ground, establishing new relations to the environment. 
  • Third-year student Ina Wojdyła performs in Lulu, an opera staged by Marlene Monteiro Freitas in Vienna from May 27 to June 6, 2023. More information.
  • The ECD students are working on their performances in June 2023. Our first year students will show their own work, our second year students will work with choreographer Liat Waysbort on the repertoire piece Titanic and our third year students are divided into two groups: one group works with choreographer Mario Lopes and the other group works with choreographer Yasmine Hugonnet. All year groups will perform from June 14th till June 17th. Check out the ATD calendar for more information and tickets!

Photo credits: Munaycha Draaibas