Activities spring and summer 2023 - In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities - Queer Performance Pedagogy and Feedback

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Activities spring & summer 2023

In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities - Queer Performance Pedagogy and Feedback

Queer Feedback Sessions 2023
In January 2023 we embarked on a several week-long collective research adventure with eleven participants - queer, trans and non-binary artists and researchers. In April 2023 our experimental feedback sessions are coming to an end. With bachelor and master students of the ATD, joined by researchers from Maastricht, Tilburg, Brussels and Warsaw we have been collaboratively weaving a complex and nourishing attitude in supporting queer and trans informed artistic, research, and performative practices. We are thankful to technical departments of DAS Graduate School and the ATD for their kind support and hospitality.

In the coming months joined by a designer Pieter Jan Boterhoek we are going to collaborate on a manual for artistic feedback and support for queer and trans making. This new publication is to be released in Autumn 2023 with the support of DAS Research.

Workshop with ATD Theatre Directing
On 8th May upon an invitation from Berthe Spoelstra, IPOP will conduct a tailor-made workshop for directing students. We will explore our approach in creating feedbacking ecologies in a communal setting as well as offer perspectives on designing theatrical processes as sites for transformation and empowerment of bodies involved. 

Transformation. How do we change theatre schools?
In the recent as well as in the coming months, the team of IPOP has been and will be presenting our prospective approach to feedbacking and supporting queer and trans art making across educational and professional sites. We had a pleasure in sharing this research, among others, with SHEBANG Amsterdam, If I Can’t Dance I Can’t Be Part of Your Revolution, feminist queer collective Kem in Warsaw and during an international conference hosted at the Academy of Theatre in Warsaw, in March 2023.

We invite you to explore well documented sessions by Rajni Shah and Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Carly Everert and Mira Thompson, and IPOP’s artistic coordinator Szymon Adamczak within the queer panel:

Reflections on the Institute for Trans Pleasure and Trans Activism
In January 2023 the team of IPOP was invited to attend and co-facilitate part of a program offered by SHEBANG, an initiative developed by 
Carly Everaert and Selm Wenselaers in cooperation with Bijlmer Parktheater. We sincerely invite you to read Elioa’s Steffen reflection on assumptions and failing, when the normativizing effect of learning through setting definitions permeates spaces meant for thinking beyond the binaries.
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Queering Artistic Feedback
Publication by Szymon Adamczak and Elioa Steffen (2022)
We continuously invite you to read “Queering Artistic Feedback”, which presents texts and responses resulting from a year-long focus on feed backing artistic work from a queer pedagogy perspective. By making it available, we desire to share with students, teachers, artists and art enthusiast experiences and reflections we have gained so far in IPOP activities. Paperback edition of the publication is available at the ATD Bibliotheek. 

Publication and more info about IPOP available: click here