Call for applications ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships Scheme 2023-24

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Deadline: May 1, 2023

The Academy of Theatre and Dance is pleased to invite applications from teachers to the second round of its ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships Scheme.

For the school year 2023-24, the Academy will award 1 x Teacher-Researcher Fellowship which will pay for 1 x teacher-researcher to conduct a research project directly connected to arts education at the ATD for 1 day a week over 1 year from September 2023 – September 2024. The Fellow will also receive supervision and mentoring from the Lectorate.

It is also possible to apply as a duo where each teacher will be paid to work for 0.5 day a week for 1 year, or equivalent.

Research is fundamental to the quality of our education. This scheme aims to provide teacher-researchers with time, support and structure to conduct research that will have a direct impact on educational development and benefit students.

Fellowship projects need to deliver a clear output/s – outlined in the application form – to ensure that the knowledges that emerge are transferred into education and the results of the research are effectively shared with others (teachers, students, professionals from the field, wider publics). Output/s must be appropriate to the questions and methods of the research – eg. workshops, new teaching method, curriculum design, performance, film, installation, publication etc. The transfer of research could involve testing a new course, improving an existing course or using the research as teaching material etc.


What is research at the ATD?

Artists and other creative professionals have good reasons to have mixed feelings about the concept of ‘research’.

There is a history of a lack of value given to the knowledges that come from the arts – and more broadly from the body and the senses - and a legacy of old ways of thinking that separate theory and practice. In education and society, there are dominant forms of knowledge that are recognized rewarded and recognized, and other ways of knowing that are not.

The ATD Lectorate believes passionately in the need for a greater equality between different ways of thinking and forms of knowledge.

We work with an open definition of research as a process of investigation that leads to insights shared with others.

The ATD Lectorate focusses on practice research in the performing arts: understood as research conducted in and through practice, including the practice of teaching.


For whom?

The ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships Scheme is open to applications from all current teachers at the ATD including Artistic Leaders and tutors/coaches from preparatory courses, Bachelors, Masters or 3rd cycle programs.


How to apply

Download theapplication form(Word)

To apply, please submit the following to Marilixe Beernink by May 1st, 2023:

  • Application form (in Dutch or English)
  • 1 x Letter of support from an Artistic Leader

Projects must be connected to education at the ATD and supported by the artistic leader of at least one relevant department / programme. If the applicant is an artistic leader, then they need to provide letter of support from another internal or external party who can commend their proposal in relation to the criteria.


Selection process & criteria

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of the ATD Director, Lector, the Head of Policy and a teacher-researcher. We aim to notify successful candidates by mid May 2023.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the project proposal
  • Relevance for / potential impact on education at the ATD
  • Evidence of research experience of the teacher and capacity to conduct independent research
  • Feasibility: the teacher has time to conduct the research in relation to other commitments
  • Connection to the themes of the ATD Lectorate


Find out more about the ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships 2022-23

In 2022-23, the ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships were awarded to:

Carly Everaert (Scenography) for her project “Creating spaces for other(ed) bodies”, to continue and develop her research into theatre design practices through the lens of intersectionality - using a collaborative method to create new course material on performance practices from a Black, trans/queer and disability justice perspective.

Roos van Berkel (ECD) and Esther Snelder (Mime) for their project "Perceiving Counterforce”: an interdisciplinary research project between mime and dance that investigates the perception and ambiguity of counterforce through word, image and movement. Through studio-based research and interviews, the duo investigate the performative concept of "counterforce" and develop curriculum by means of an essay/booklet and workshop.

An information session will also be held for potential applicants in March 2023. Details tbc.