Ukrainian ballet student Polina Chepyk in CBS TV programme 60 Minutes

Still TV programme 60 Minutes

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Ukrainian ballerina Polina Chepyk joined recently the Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA) to continue her dance training. The 17-year-old ballet student, explained in TV programme 60 Minutes how happy she is to be able to dance again and to be given the opportunity the continue her education in a safe harbor. The ballet classes help her to worry less about the situation back home.

Polina fled from Kyiv and landed in Amsterdam at the Academy of Theatre and Dance. Together with six other students from Ukraine she joined the Dutch National Ballet Academy thanks to the organized efforts of Youth American Grand Prix and its many partner schools.

The Dutch National Ballet Academy finds it really important to help these students in their basic need: education in ballet. They live and breathe ballet, it means everything to them. A few weeks without training could endanger their future as a dancer.

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