ATD fund awards the Top Naeff Prize, André Veltkamp Award and Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize

Representatives of the prize winners: Alberto Quririco and Jordy Zoet, together with jury members, photo: Nellie de Boer

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On Wednesday 30 June at 19:30 hrs hrs. at the end of the be-CONNECTED festival, the Top Naeff Prize, the André Veltkamp Award and the Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize were be awarded. The festive award ceremony that includes interviews with the winners and registrations of their work, could be followed via a live stream on

  • The Top Naeff Prize 2021 is be awarded to collective n00b, Laura Bakker and Isabelle Kafando, who graduated from the ATKA (Drama and Contemporary Music Theatre)
  • The André Veltkamp Award 2021 is be awarded to the graduation productionLizzy & De Bacchanten by Zephyr Brüggen (directing), Noa Helder (scenography), Daatje Eek (costume design), Jordy Veenstra (lighting design), Jordy Zoet (sound design) en Luca van Deurzen (technical production), from Theatre Directing, Scenography and Design & Technology
  • The Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize is awarded to the last classes of the study programmes Urban Contemporary (JMD) and Modern Theatre Dance

The Top Naeff Prize jury compliments prize winner n00b (Laura Bakker and Isabelle Kafando):
Laura Bakker and Isabelle Kafando manifest themselves as a tragic clown duo who puts a stand on current events, has the guts to be unabashedly embarrassing and masters multiple styles of play. In their mockumentary they show both the casual natural and the grotesquely absurd without going off the rails. The mutual interaction strengthens everyone's individual qualities. Named n00b! the duo presents themselves as the digitally ignorant novice, but in the theatrical field the jury sees two players who are amply ready for professional practice and at the same time have a lot of potential for further development.

Top Naeff Prize jury members: Jeroen de Beer, Sabrina van Halderen, Lois Maat, Christiaan Mooij, Santino Slootweg.

The André Veltkamp Award jury praises the production Lizzy & De Bacchanten:
Lizzy & De Bacchanten is a performance that is conceptually well thought out and has a playful, jazzy style. A well-composed whole that also offers room for the imagination. A performance that is rooted in form and content in this time; which is welcoming, warm and inviting. You, as an idiosyncratic collective, have gloriously broken through the static and lonely of the zoom era.
André Veltkamp Award jury members: Floortje Bakkeren, Suzy Blok, Gemma van Kruijsbergen, Charlotte Lap, Erik Lint, Daphne Richter, Laurens Runderkamp, Dorothea Sinnema

The Henny Kamerman Dance Prize jury congratulates the last classes of the study programmes Urban Contemporary (JMD) and Modern Theatre Dance:
'After two years of online and adapted study at a study program that is in its concluding phase, the jury of the Henny Kamerman Dansersprijs is pleased to offer classes three and four of the MTD and JMD programmes the opportunity to experience this intense period in a positive way. can close. Each class will receive a gift voucher worth €250 to spend on a joint outing.'

Henny Kamerman Dance Prize jury members: Jocelyn Bergland, Honey Eavis, Dalton Jansen, Jimat Pelupessy, Wendy Tadrous-Paulusma.

New dance prize
This year the ATD fund will for the first time award the Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize to the most remarkable dancer of the past academic year. Henny Kamerman was an energetic and opinionated artistic director of the Jazz, Theatre and Show Musical Dance study programme (the current UC/JMD study programme). The energy and contrariness Kamerman was known for in the dance world are also characteristics the jury looks for in prize candidates. The prize was awarded by Dalton Jansen.

Oldest theatre student prize
The Top 
Naeff Prize is the oldest theatre student prize of the Netherlands, named after writer Top Naeff who, among other things, was a leading theatre critic. The Top Naeff Prize is traditionally awarded as incentive award to promising young talent from the Academy for Theatre and Dance. Sabrina van Halderen and Christiaan Mooij awarded the Top Naeff Prize. The winner receives a sum of  € 1.000 which they are free to spend as they choose.

Prize for the most outstanding graduation production
The André Veltkamp Award acknowledges exceptional graduation productions that  engage with current social issues. The Award is named after André Veltkamp, director of the Theatre School from 1997 to 2010 (renamed the Academy for Theatre and Dance in September 2016). The Award aims to facilitate the restaging of a graduation production after its academy debut. Charlotte Lap, theatre maker and widow of André Veltkamp, awarded the prize. The winner receives a sum of € 1.000 and made-to-measure productional support for staging a reprise of the acclaimed performance.

About the ATD fund
The ATD fund helps students from all study programmes at the Academy for Theatre and Dance to complete their training and make the transition to the professional work field. It does so by awarding prizes and granting contributions to tuition fees. These are more than welcome, especially now during the Corona crisis. Chairperson of the fund is Anna Drijver.

Because of Covid-19 related hardships faced by students, all contributions to the ATD fund are greatly appreciated!

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'Lizzy & De Bacchanten', photo: Robert van der Ree


UC/jmd in 'Bliss'

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