Invitation: Chapter 1 (19-20 June) - DAS Theatre Master Presentations 2020

Graphic design by Maaike Besseling.

Graphic design by Maaike Besseling.

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DAS Theatre is pleased to invite you the 2020 DAS Theatre Master presentations, which will happen in 3 Chapters, between June and September 2020. Seven DAS Theatre Participants will share their work at the conclusion of an intensive two-year period of master’s research. During Chapter 1 (19-20 June), Jānis Balodis and Merel Smitt will present their works. Please find the practical information below. 

Chapter 1 | 19-20 June 

19/06: Merel Smitt - HOW TO START A MOVEMENT (online private gathering)

On June 19th, Merel Smitt will present the conclusion of HOW TO START A MOVEMENT in a private online gathering to the 45 participants that have been involved in the three-week programme by the artist. You are invited to read HOW TO START A MOVEMENT’s brochure or visit to get some insights about this project and Merel’s artistic practice.

HOW TO START A MOVEMENT is a series of interventions and missions, in which different individuals get the opportunity to explore, question and disrupt the protocols, dynamics and rules of (semi) public spaces, institutions and venues. Over the course of several weeks, participants received envelopes in their mailbox, which contained instructions, readings, messages, material and traces to engage with. The different types of missions allow everybody to join the movement, to take back their power, claim their voice, and empower themselves by setting something in motion.

Merel Smitt builds immersive installations and creates interventions in the public space that interfere with daily life. Her work is research based, site-specific and interactive. Her projects can be seen as methodologies to rethink protests and social movements, occupy spaces, raise voices, and set something in motion.

20/06: Jānis Balodis - The trip to the whole castle (live-stream)

Some time ago we went to some castle ruins and thought: "It can't be that this is it! This castle here doesn't feel whole. Where is the missing part of it?" Some time ago a girl came to us and said: "I might know what you are looking for, and I might know where to find it. Do you mind me joining you?"

The trip to the whole castle is a work that shifts its form and content in relation to the space and context within which it takes place. This feels like an absolute necessity in order for ‘a journey to occur’. The one and only thing that stays the same is a desire to go and find a castle, and to let the mysterious girl from the past help.

Jānis Balodis was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, and, can still see and feel its aftermath in many ways, either back home in Riga or here in Amsterdam. Jānis is interest­ed in seeing and perceiving reality as hundreds of layers of the past, present and possible future that exist here and now, all at the same time.

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