Introducing the 2020 DAS Theatre Master presentations

Graphic design by Maaike Besseling

Graphic design by Maaike Besseling

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DAS Theatre is pleased to invite you the 2020 DAS Theatre Master presentations, which will happen in 3 Chapters, between June and September 2020. Seven DAS Theatre Participants will share their work at the conclusion of an intensive two-year period of master’s research.

As we know, theatre, as the broad field that also comprises performance, is about coming together. It is about staying in darkness, trusting the invisible and waiting for something to appear. In other words, theatre is all about believing that our appointment will be met again. 

The master projects of the seven graduating participants of DAS Theatre had to cope, like every other artistic projects planned in these months, with unimaginable circumstances, and their presentations have been postponed, doubted, dreamed about, cherished, and tended towards. Finally, each maker has been able to propose a specific way for an audience to meet with their work and with each other: a series of non-electronic mails that you would receive in your mailbox daily for three weeks; a live-streaming of a car drive in the dark, a sound piece to listen to with a group of invited friends in your living room…

All these works renew the promise for an appointment that maybe cannot be met now, but operate as a reminder to continue to watch and trust that the darkness will softly be enlightened again. For this reason, your presence as invited guests is more important than ever for the artists, and for us as a programme, supporting their development and also their connection to the theatre field.

More information about the upcoming Chapters will follow the upcoming weeks, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or would like to get further insights into the projects. Feel very welcome to join the presentations

Silvia Bottiroli
Artistic Director
DAS Theatre


Chapter 1 – 19 & 20 June 2020
Jānis Balodis – The trip to the whole castle

Chapter 2 – 10 & 11 July 2020
Jimmy Grima – Kerogen Voices
Maria Magdalena Kozłowska – She dies for you
Igor Dobričić – The Time That Remains

Chapter 3 – 4 & 5 September 2020
Nahuel Cano – Quiet Storms
Akram Assam – Cassettes

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