"Dare to be entrepreneurial. There's not as many roadblocks as you may think"

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The master's program DAS Creative Producing guides professionals from different backgrounds with their professional and creative development. The coming weeks DAS Creative Producing students and coaches will be featured. Simone van den Ende, coach at DAS Creative Producing, empowers students and encourages them to achieve their goal.

How did you develop yourself as a Creative Producer?

Over 30 years ago, I founded my own coaching company in Amsterdam after living and working in New York for a long time. My company focuses on presentations for television and YouTube presenters, politicians and CEOs. I am also a programmer and I provide media training and personal coaching. I was head of art, culture and drama at AVRO for 10 years, later known as Avrotros. Besides working as a coach, I am an independent creative producer for drama series and films.

How do the skills you teach and learn at DAS Creative Producing reflect in your professional life?

I often develop ideas with others, and search for a platform afterwards. This can vary from collaborations with festivals, setting up TV programs to creating a drama series. I am always looking for connections with other parties. It is important to strengthen each other, try new things and seize opportunities.

What does your role at DAS Creative Producing entail?

The aim of coaching is to empower the student, to stimulate the process, to question, challenge and remain constructively critical. Listening carefully and responding to the question is essential to achieve that goal. Of course there are coaching techniques, but, at the end of the day, it is an intuitive process since every student is different.

What tip would you like to give a prospective DAS Creative Producing student?

Dare to be entrepreneurial and do the practical work. There's not as many roadblocks as you may think. Even if you do not succeed, you will at least have gained some new valuable experience. You will take that experience to your next project!

Are you a critical producer with an innovative vision who thinks beyond existing structures and disciplines? Apply for the master's programme DAS Creative Producing before April 7 2020. View the DAS Creative Producing Open Call for more information about the application procedure.