5 small gestures to help the cultural sector today

Photo: Rob Laughter (Unsplash)

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Theatres, event organisations and performers call for support by not requesting refunds for tickets, museums host online exhibitions and musicians are livestreaming from their living rooms. You want to help, but you don't exactly know how. Policies are yet to be made and initiatives are still in their infancy. Still, there are small gestures you can make to make a difference in today's times of corona.

Tip 1 – Join "Kunstenbond"

"Kunstenbond" is an organisation for all creatives in the Netherlands. The organisation communicates clear information about, for example, governmental support for freelancers who are affected by the current corona crisis. "Kunstenbond" strives for a fair income for all artists and creatives and offers (legal) support. A membership is 10 euros per month. 

Tip 2 - Broaden your cultural horizon

Broaden your cultural horizon by supporting online film and theatre. Cinetree allows you to watch films, whilst Theaterflix broadcasts online theatreshows. Orkater (performances), Maas (theatre for children) and JSTOR (a digital, academic library) too have an abundance of online, cultural entertainment.

Tip 3 - Support artists

Voordekunst is a Dutch platform that allows you to support art and culture through small donations, which go directly to the artists. Theatre, literature, art and design projects are readily available at Ulule and Kickstarter (international). By donating you often receive special gifts in return, which you can give to yourself or to hearten your loved ones.

Tip 4 - Refresh your playlists

Tired of your playlists? At Bandcamp you can purchase music directly from the musicians.

Tip 5 - Follow Platform BK

Platform BK campaigns for better art policy. Besides researching the role of art in society, the organisation works towards an increase in appreciation for the visual arts and a stronger position for everyone working in the sector. The organisation represent artists, curators, designers, critics and other creative producers. Today, it is needed more than ever.

Take care of yourself and of each other and support the cultural sector today.