Block 2016: Unfolding fields of interaction - with health, life, loss and death

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Our guest curators Helen Medland and Tim Harrison from the SICK! Festival, and Barbara Raes are embracing difficult topics and are dedicated to revealing urgent physical, mental and social challenges.

They are hopeful that the arts have the power to create new ‘transitional’ spaces.

The proposal of this year’s block is to accompany and get inspired by Helen, Tim and Barbara on their changing professional journeys. As practitioners in the performing arts they have deliberately chosen to acknowledge personal (painful) life events and use them as a catalyst to transform their work quite radically.

What they share, despite their very different background and present occupation, are at least two issues that are at the foundation of this block. First, they both have become pioneers in involving a wide range of experts from different fields in their work, and in creating bridges between contemporary performance, larger audiences and every day life. And second, they are both deeply concerned about the effect of the post-industrial society on our personal well-being, that tends to make people sick or doubt about the meaning of their lives.

The DasArts block takes place from 18 January until 1 April in Amsterdam, Manchester, Brussels and Antwerp.

The coming months there will be several public presentations in our new building on the banks of the IJ, so keep an eye out for the updates on our Facebookpage [LINK] and on this website. Hope to see you soon!

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