Workshop | Sound, Futurities and Political Imagination

Saturday 02 July 2022, 12:00 - 17:00 hrs.
DAS Graduate School
Overhoeksplein 2
1031 KS Amsterdam

To register: a limited number of places are available on a first come, first served basis. To register, please email Marilixe Beernink 

The workshop proposes to start from a question: What relationships exist between sound, listening, future and political strategy? This question, and the dimensions of experience that it interrogate, offer the possibility of straining the primacy of the visual in images of the future, summoning other senses, which makes the image more complex as well as broadening the imagination and imaginaries of the future in a "post-pictorial" sense.

We intend to explore this question by taking two paths.

The first path refers to the way in which the dimension of sound participates in an image of the future, or futurisation. Questions about what utopia or a political programme sounds like allow us to advance in the understanding of the existing relations between a political slogan and its audibility, sonority and resonance. At the same time, they allow us to read - or listen to - the power relations in an image of the future, as well as the virtual, possible sounds that this image summons up.

The second path has to do with the practice of listening, questioned on the basis of its relation to anticipation: how do we orient ourselves, and become disoriented, in sound? And if all anticipation is political, the technological, political and governmental wefts that constitute it remain in need of attention. What does listening bring strategically to our links with the future? What is the political value of acoustics? What virtualities inhabit the actuality of listening? And how to put all this to the benefit of emancipation?

We recommend listening to the first episode of the podcast “Sound, future and political imagination” as an input for the workshop.


  • 12-1pm Collective lunch
  • Session I: 1-2.30pm
    • Landing / Arrival and introductions
    • Conceptual introduction to the research and to Ezequiel Gatto’s research on Futurities.
    • Introduction to the listening strategies used for the Podcast episode: The sound of a dream.
    • Listening practice one:
    • Simple exercises to open up the perception on how anticipation, imagery, and sound may interact. Sharing of the different experiences.
  • 2.30-3pm Break
  • Session II: 3-5pm
    • Listening practice two:
    • Listening to a selection of our archive of speeches and its images of the future. Collective listening and sharing of what was heard in those speeches.
    • Gathering of the different listening strategies.
    • How do you sound? How do you listen? Which temporalities does it open?
    • Collective sharing of practices - with Paula Montecinos, rajni shah, meLê yamomo
  • Discussion
  • Closing / Next steps
  • End

Sound, Futurities and Political Imagination is supported by DAS Research – the Lectorate of the ATD. The project is led by artist and DAS Theatre alum, Nahuel Cano with visiting researcher Ezequiel Gatto in consultation with the Lector, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca.