Mime 4: The sun is a circle, the rest is fiction.

Thursday 24 November 2022, 18:30 - 19:10 hrs.

to be rinsed
to be conscious
to be confused
to be alive

        to be distant
        to be drained
        to be loved
        to end your life

A performance that became a film -
about the recognition of the absurd, and to find a valid reason to live for.

You can make your reservations online (as of 17-11 at 10:00 hrs). Click on the date of your choice and follow the instructions.

24 NOV 18:30
24 NOV 20:30
25 NOV 18:30
25 NOV 20:30

@ NDSM-Plein 79, 1033WC, Amsterdam.
Entrance: the blue doors next to “NDSM Theater / NDSM Cafe”

Mime school graduation film Samuel van Keeken
Directed by Merette van Hijfte
Acting by Samuel van Keeken
Concept: Merette van Hijfte, Samuel van Keeken

Special thanks to:
de Tuin van Epicurus, Sara Verhoeff, Frank van Tol, Annet Verwij, Anna van Keeken, Aartjan van Dijk, IDLab, Fabian Santarciel de la Quintana, Loïs Maat, Marcel Slagter, Stella van Leeuwen, Marijn de Langen.