Afternoon programme - Ana van Tendeloo - Robin Nimanong

Wednesday 29 June
Time: 15:15 – 16:45 hrs.
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Support programme: dance film
Remember Nature by Ana van Tendeloo

Main programme: live performance
BodyScan 223 by Robin Nimanong (scroll down)

Supporting programme

Dance film:  ‘Remember Nature’ by Ana van Tendeloo

‘Remember Nature’ is an apocalyptic image of a possible future in which we lost nature and therefore the ability to connect to one another, to the whole. 

In a vacuum space, full of emptiness, a figure holds on to the only companion during a timeless journey: a dead tree. The figure drags the tree everywhere and by serving the tree, wanting to save what is lost and most of all keeping up the image that the tree is alive and therefore we are. From time to time we are taken out of the apocalyptic image and dive into the unconscious past, a dream-like state where we can relive our dependence on nature.  
Only the deep can save us, a new dimension which is unique, a dimension that transcends every comparison and context, after which you are not an individual anymore but complete and endless nature, beyond the purest joy. And so, surrendering is worth it, surrendering is everything, only when we will surrender the bottomless deep becomes boundless freedom.


BodyScan 223 by Robin Nimanong

“By offering a hyper-artificial mashup, Robin will scan big questions about true ownership for society’s misfits and gender-benders. Bodyscan 223 is discussing radical freedom through a provocative yet vulnerable process. Scanning Queer Bodies, continuously evolving and transforming.” 

Bodyscan 223 is a media dance event, scanning our conflicted ideas about technology, accessibility and queer identity. The dancers present their queer bodies as testimonies against errored structures of society. The audience scans their own experience through the non-conforming performer. Together they will enter a futuristic cyberpunk experience. 

Dance artist, concept and styling: Robin Nimanong 
Graphic design and coder: Saskia de Vries 
Music: Robin Nimanong and Irene Cassarini 
Photography: Anna van Kooij 

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