Evening programme - open air performance - Generation DITTO

Day: Tuesday 28 June
Time: 18:15-18:45 hrs.
Entrance: Free

‘Generation DITTO’ by Lorenzo Ponteprimo

Generation DITTO originated from the wish to interpret ideas behind sci-fi entertainment, through the medium of dance and the physical body. The performance takes inspiration from the way scientific principles are used for entertainment purposes, introducing the audience to a scenario where two bodies become one, giving life to incredible and fantastic creatures. The atmosphere of Generation DITTO is intended to encourage the spectator to question the role of life in time, highlighting the relation between meaning and existence. 

Choreographer and dancer: Lorenzo Ponteprimo

collaborator and dancer: Cecilia Ponteprimo
Sound: Thomas Walschot (AHK-JMD alumni)
Photos: Christian Buch
Sponsors: Stadt Heidelberg, LaFT_BW, LB-BW Bank, Inter-Actions, NeckarOrte