Afternoon performance programme - Lana Del Rey Changed (since the fire nation attacked)

Date: Monday 27 June
Time: 15:15 - 16:30 hrs.
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Support programme: Theatre film ‘Het Middenstuk’ by Denise Verschut
Live performance: ‘Lana Del Rey Changed (since the fire nation attacked)’ by Moreno Perna

Support programme:  Theatre film ‘Het Middenstuk’ by Denise Verschut 
A young director who already has quite the resume to his name is now telling us about the new film he is directing. However, he gets confused when it comes to directing his own life. An absurd journey, in which we follow a day in the lives of some young people, who are all connected together. A quest for meaning and identity, that exposes the vulnerability of being human. 

The film is shot at the ‘Woondiverstiteit Amsterdam’. 

with: Jurriaan de Vos, Bodine Sutorius, Flora Kenza Nacer, Djoeke Boomsma, Tim Burger, Flip, Max Koster, Jaro Heijster. 
camera & sound: Yentl Slik, Michalina Rekawek nabewerking 
post processing of visuals & sound: Joep Smit, David Krooshof 
script, scenario, production, directing & editing: Denise Verschut 
coaching script & editing: Jurriaan de Vos

Live Performance: ‘Lana Del Rey Changed (since the fire nation attacked)’ by Moreno Perna 
Lana Del Rey Changed (since the fire nation attacked) let you enter in that absurd part of The Internet that is made of Memes, Videos, Cats and its weird logic. If you like it or not, this wonderland is part of our lives and, at the same time, a part of us is inside this crazy world. How can we elaborate all this sea of visual information? Are we getting lost in it? Or can we find ourselves in this absurd rabbit hole? 

Credits: choreographed and performed by Moreno Perna

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