Programme Tue 27 August

program subject to change - keep an eye on the website

Hello new ATD student, welcome!
For everyone it is new here and you are getting to know others. Today is the general kick off and introduction.

10:00 Your first entrance as a prospective student at the Academy of Theatre and Dance!
Starting at 10:00am you can walk into the Academy of Theatre and Dance and meet the Intro Week team, made up of Academy staff and second year students. Please sign in at the hall. We will provide a warm welcome with coffee and tea, when you make sure you are present no later than 10:30 am.

10:45-12:15 Intro week opening
We will start with a general introduction by the Intro Week team in the Theaterzaal. There, everyone can pick a seat and in conversation with senior years and artistic leaders we will give a glimpse of what you will learn and experience at the Academy. And perhaps the do & don't in Amsterdam or the Academy. Academy staff will also be present at this introduction.

Furthermore, we will briefly walk you through the Intro Week schedule to give you an idea of the days and content. The latest version of the schedule can be found on this website and in the hall at the Intro Week desk.

12:30-13:30 Lunch
Lunch will be served each day (at times listed in the schedule) in studio 809 on the 8th floor near the roof terrace.
All week lunch will be provided by Carmen from Starlounge, the cafeteria located in the academy.

13:45-16:15 Meet & Greet
In the afternoon we will meet in smaller groups. Together we will create a work of art that will be hung in the main hall of the Academy at the end of the afternoon.

16:30-17:30 Questions concerning your student life?
Student council and Central Student Administration (CSA) will be available for questions concerning your student life.
Location: De Punt (first floor, take stairs behind the reception)

Do you have questions, are you looking for a location or are you looking for a place to unwind - inquire at the Intro desk and we will help you.