Programme Thursday 29 August

program subject to change - keep an eye on the website

10:00 walk-in with coffee, tea
Today there is a fuller program so be sure to get in no later than 10:15.

10:30-11:30 Workshop 'student for student' - in your own study program

11:45-12:45 Workshop 'student for student' - choice option, join another study program
The Thursday morning we start with workshops. First you will follow a workshop in your own study program and then you will attend a workshop in another study program. In this way we introduce you to other study programs to lay the foundation for great collaborations during your time here at school.
Locations of the workshops can be found at the Intro Week desk in the hall of the Academy.

13:00-14:00 Lunch
Lunch will be served in studio 809.

14:15-15:30 Tour through ATD building
Starting from studio 809 second year students will give you a tour through the building, along different departments such as the sound studio, set studio, the library and costume department. And you may also learn about the shortcuts and favorite study and chill-out places. 

15:30-16:00 Prepare your visit to De Parade
We will meet in the Theaterzaal to give you the latest information for your visit to De Parade( You can get the map with bike route (or ov route), your diner voucher and the ticket of the performance of your choice.

16:00-21:00 The Parade
Note: The mentioned time is an indication.

From 16:00 you are free to travel to De Parade. The venue is about a 10-minute bike ride and about 30 minutes by public transport. You will receive from the ATD the entrance to De Parade, a diner voucher to spend in one of the many restaurants there and the ticket of the performance you have chosen. You are free to go home after the performance or stay longer on the festival.

Do you have questions, are you looking for a location or are you looking for a place to unwind - inquire at the Intro desk and we will help you.