Programme Friday 30 August

program subject to change - keep an eye on the website

11:00 walk-in with coffee, tea
Hope you had fun at The Parade.
We will start a little later today. 
Make sure you are in by 11:30am at the latest.

11:30-12:00 Let's create Intro
We will gather in the Theaterzaal to give you final ins and outs of the day.

12:00-15:00 Let's create 
Today is a time for creativity. Together with your fellow students from your own study programme, you will work on a presentation to show your program to the other 1st year students and guests. Maybe you will work together on a visual artwork or create choreography together. Improvise, create and share your creation.

You may have lunch in between, from 13:00-14:00 lunch will be in 809. Eating in the studio is not allowed so take a break together with your group.

15:00-16:30 Let's create + prepare
Each group will have time to prepare your act, presentation or artwork in the Danstheater. During this preparation you may decide with the technician what color of light you want for your act.

16:30-18:15 Let's create + sharing is caring
The moment is there, the theatre opens. Second year students and staff of the Academy come to watch your very first creation! Sharing is Caring!!!

18:15-19:15 Dinner
We conclude with a diner together with the 2nd years on the roof terrace of the ATD (if the weather is nice, otherwise studio 809).

19:30-22:30 Intro Week Party
And for desert, a delicious party in the Theaterzaal with DJ!

Do you have questions, are you looking for a location or are you looking for a place to unwind - inquire at the Intro desk and we will help you.