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How will we act?

There is a constant talk of a so-called "new normal" in the media. A world in which everything is different. Perhaps we can see this crisis as a starting point to approach things differently, to make real change!

Now that the doors of the school are ajar again, there is the possibility of a (semi) live conversation. We wouldn't be the ATD if we didn't discuss and reflect on events and ideas that live in our society.

‘The new normal’ is the central theme in this HALf6-diptych. We question it, investigate it and form possible answers, fed by you students! How do you relate to society today as a student? We hope by offering different perspectives and discussing to let each one of you to think about this question.

Part 2: How will we act?

The motto of our school as title of this episode. We, students, are the so-called future.
But what if that future became totally different than you imagined, all of a sudden.

A virus as catalyst, that speeds up processes, exposes true inequalities and makes us question what is actually important. Is that the same future as 3 months ago?
If we become the working field soon, why isn’t the change that we want starting with us?
We aren’t looking for perfection, we can make mistakes and acknowledge them and we are brave enough to be vulnerable.

In this part of the HALf6 we examine the role of our academy, the students and search for possibilities and answers in this ‘new normal’.

Download the column by Jurriaan de Vos (PDF)

Moderator: Therese Sahlin
Guests: Simone van Bennekom and Priscilla Vaudelle

Bring your own soup and booze and join on Tuesday the 23rd of June from 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM, live from the ATD. It will be English spoken.

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