HALf6 film presentation: Patrick Acogny - African Aesthetics and Contemporary Dance

A practitioners perspective

- Tuesday 17 September 17:30
- Location: IDlab - 5th floor Academy of Theatre and Dance

A film by Tinus Kramer. This film is the first result of a research project by Patrick Acogny and Lot Siebe. 

Patrick Acogny combines his knowledge of somatic principles with his expertise on African dance principles and aesthetics. His approach is an innovative combination of release technique combined with the practice of polyrhythmic and polycentric patterns through the body. Besides he focuses on the power of the collective dancing body in his teaching to facilitate relaxation and change in the individual body. Both aspects are valuable for a contemporary dancer and dance teacher whom is able to connect a wide range of western and non-western dance practices.

This HALf6 is an initiative of the Dance in Education study programme. 

You are welcome!
Soup and drinks afterwards.