Inclusive or exclusive? Cultural diversity in theatre

HALf6 on cultural diversity on stage and behind the scenes

It’s hot again. Talking about cultural diversity. White privilege. The final days of Zwarte Piet have come. The Oscars have been presented, we talked about it in DWDD, RTL Late Night and the Internet flooded when they announced the cast of the new Star Wars.

After years of only talking about budget cuts there is room again for other topics. In February 2016 the magazine Theatermaker published a special issue on colour in the performing arts. This issue states that the Dutch subsidised theatre is still very white. The authors stress that it is important not to look at cultural diversity as a problem but as something that’s inspiring, invites you to look further and stimulates creativity.

With this HALf6 graduating OPP student Suzanne Kortbeek wants to instigate the conversation about cultural diversity within de Theaterschool. With Maarten van Hinte (founder of MC theater and, Ira Kip (Art Rules, Nieuwe Makersregeling FPK 2016), Tjalling Valdés Olmos (adviser and researcher on gender, race and diversity in performing arts and former FPK project officer) and other interesting guests.