Ola Mafaalani (NNT) and Malou Gorter

Guests on 28th October:

Ola Mafaalani the general and artistic director of the Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT) en Malou Gorter actress (graduated the Amsterdam Theatre School)

Tonight and  tomorrow night Noord Nederlands Toneel with: De laatkomer

Hosts: Eline Arbo and Rosa Asbreuk
Music by DJ Marijke Hessels 

Terzijde by Patrick Duijtshoff, Timo Huijzendveld en Kyrian Esser (theatercafé de Richel)

On Tuesdays in the central hall of de Theaterschool guests from the city, the professional field, the departments and the neighbourhood discuss burning issues and the performing arts in times of transition. 
What is going on? Who is in town? Who is in the school? Could de Theaterschool be a public place for debate and encounter? And can we connect more closely with each other and with our direct environment?

For suggestions, questions or more information send an email to: half6@ahk.nl