With on the 21st of October:

  • a Jan Zoet special: Where does the director stand after 1,5 years at de Theaterschool and where are we going? Grap this oppertunity to ask Jan what you always wanted to know from him!

  • Julie Peters (student Theatre Directing) about De Wilde Eend, a project of students Theatre Directing 1,2 and 3 with Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens in which film, theatre and visual arts meet each other.

Hosts are Eline Arbo (student Theatre Directing ) and Rosa Asbreuk (alumnus Theatre in Education).
Music by DJ Koen Steger (student Scenography)

Soup and drinks for everyone.
Be welcome!

Preleminary schedule:

  • 28 October with Ola Mafaalani, Noord Nederlands Toneel
  • 4 November with Tim Etchells (Forced Entertainment)
  • 11 November with Frie Leysen and Zaaigoed participants Ogutu Muraya and Angella Emurwon
  • 18 November: can reality be created? With: Eliane Zwart (Breakin’ Walls), Mirjam van Dijk (FACTORY werkplaats) and IDFA researcher/programmer Joost Daamen
  • 25 November with New West/Marien Jongewaard over de Avond [English spoken]
  • 2 December with Rimini Protokoll

On Tuesdays in the central hall of de Theaterschool guests from the city, the professional field, the departments and the neighbourhood discuss burning issues and the performing arts in times of transition.

What is going on? Who is in town? Who is in the school? Could de Theaterschool be a public place for debate and encounter? And can we connect more closely with each other and with our direct environment?

For suggestions, questions or more information send an email to: