The international festival season has started and HALf6 invites you to meet leading directors and programmers!

Holland Festival just announced their programme and other festivals will follow soon. They promise us an intense period of performances and encounters with dance- and theater makers from all over the world.

Spring Festival, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Oerol, Over het IJ Festival, Festival De Keuze in Rotterdam… Is this where performing arts easily attracts a crowd? Where new international developments can still be presented? Where local audience, professionals and students meet different perspectives and broaden their horizon?

The few past decades have witnessed an explosion of festivals worldwide. But what does a festival add to the cultural life of the city of Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam? Can local theaters compete with the successful festival formula? Or do such special events indeed provide the stages of the future?
And what is in it for young performing artists?

HALF 6 invites you to discuss current trends and concerns with:

And the column Der alte Fritz by Loek Zonneveld