Wednesday 26 August - 'New' Stories in cooperation with Sites of Memory

In cooperation with Sites of Memory, HALf6 presents 'New Stories'

A talkshow about the necessity to tell 'new' stories in these times.
We discuss this topic with our four guests.
And also show some of their work.

Katy Streek (theatre maker and programmer)
Jennifer Tosch (historian, sociologist and founder of the Black Heritage Tours Amsterdam)

musicians and poets: J├Ârgen Gario, Mirte Hartland
dance performer: Jomecia Oosterwolde
choreographer and dancer: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

Sites of Memory
Sites of Memory Foundation organizes activities around the hidden and under-represented stories of our shared cultural heritage of the Netherlands and the former colonies.

Live stream from the Theaterzaal at the Academy of Theatre and Dance.
(limited number of attendees, other students can follow the meeting online elsewhere in the building)

Watch the HALf6 of 26 August here