5TO12 - Faces of the Kingdom

5VOOR12 has developed their first project in the past year, called 'Faces of the Kingdom'. A photo exhibition that examines the extent to which the institute can make words such as diversity and inclusion tangible. This has brought many new insights and issues to 5TO12. 'A first try in, not only making the words diversity and inclusion tangible, but also giving these terms a face.'

The photographer of 'Faces of the Kingdom' is Les Adu. The exhibition can be seen in the 'Zuid' stairwell of the Academy of Theatre and Dance at 3 Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam.

This is only the beginning, the door of 5TO12 is wide open and we like to work together with other students (and initiatives). Let's keep the conversation going and maybe start great things together.

The video and slideshow of the expo is already online, you can also go to the ATD (Jodenbreestraat 3) to see it live!