The first episode

We, 5VOOR12, are proud to present our first episode!

During this episode we discuss our first project named ‘Faces of the Kingdom’, together with Les Adu, Sarah Sahertian, Agri Issa and Lenne Koning. The first episode is also an introduction on who we are and what we do.
With this first episode, we are opening the doors to all students and alumni of the AHK to discuss hardships they have had at their education, concerning: institutional racism and (lack of) diversity and inclusion. If you have any questions, concerns or you want to join 5VOOR12: feel free to e-mail us at

Next school year we will be making new episodes. If you wish to participate, let us know!

5VOOR12 has developed their first project in the past year, called 'Faces of the Kingdom'. An exhibition that examines the extent to which the institute can make words such as diversity and inclusion tangible. This has brought many new insights and issues to 5VOOR12. During the first 5VOOR12 episode they will talk to those who have been part of this project. About what it has been like for them, but also what diversity and inclusion means in their lives.
During this first episode you will also be introduced to 5VOOR12, because who are we?

This is only the beginning, the door of 5VOOR12 is wide open and we like to work together with other students (and initiatives). Let's keep the conversation going and maybe start great things together.