5TO12 - Fundament for a community of artists

5TO12 is with, by and for students. The objective is to lay a solid foundation from which a community of artists can grow. We assume that all artists contribute to the movement based on their own expertise. Together we ask the question: how can we contribute to the fight against (institutional) racism starting from our artistry? The intention is that 5TO12 will lead to more than just a talk show. It is the foundation we lay for discussing institutional racism from the Black Experience.

In the coming period, 5TO12 organises live talk shows that can be followed online. These talk shows take place once a month. Only by first having the conversation with each other, can we come forward with a shared vision and mission.

The question that is continuously asked is: how can we use the 5TO12 platform to bring together and empower marginalized groups?

5TO12 - Overview of the different themes

Episode 0: Pilot 2021 (online)
Episode 1: Defining the Collective
Episode 2: Collective History
Episode 3: Collecting Experiences
Episode 4: Collecting Dreams
Episode 5: Collecting Tools

The talks are in English. We cannot talk about inclusion, while at the same time excluding part of our target group - international students at the AHK - by speaking Dutch.