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Farewell drinks Erzi Hoogveld

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During these Farewell drinks, we thank Erzi for her role as lecturer, teacher, mentor and tutor at the various courses for 26 years and as coordinator for Health & Performance since 2012 at the ATD.

Erzi Hoogveld

Erzi Hoogveld started dancing at the age of 3. She has years of training in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. She also has experience in sports as gymnastics, swimming, athletics and chi-kung. After completing the study “Childcare and Education NXX” and a short trip to the Art Academy of Maastricht where she studied goldsmithing for 1 year, she returned to dance and in 1984 she graduated from the "Docent Dansexpressie" course at the Theater School. She worked for some time as a freelance dancer, model, choreographer and teacher. Since 1986 she combined her knowledge of dance and sports and started teaching "dance-fitness" at a.o. “Het Internationaal Danstheater” in Amsterdam and started her own business in 1989.

One of her strengths is the ability to bring people together and promote different levels of collaboration and co-creation. As founder and chairman of her foundation “Per Form” (1991) she organized events for charities,  in which she urged and received many to donate in cash or in kind.

Because of her love for teaching, she returns to the Theaterschool where she teaches physical fitness to students in the various (dance) departments from 1997-2023. For many years she has been a mentor at the National Ballet Academy's preparatory training, study supervisor at the “Docent Dans” program and tutor at the Jazz-Musical later Urban Contemporary program. When dance schools in the Netherlands became more aware of the importance of fitness for dancers, Erzi was invited to give workshops on conditioning for dance during the Haagse Dansweek in The Hague and at the academies in Tilburg and Rotterdam.

In 2011 Erzi became coordinator of Dans & Gezondheid (now Health & Performance) as the successor to Margot Rijven who founded this department in 1992. She managed a health team (6 paramedics, 1 dietician, 2 transition teachers and 2 psychologists), provided health and wellness education and supervised research/studies conducted in and outside the ATD.

Erzi introduced the annual Functional screening for strength, endurance, quality of exercise, nutrition and psychological aspects for the dance students of the ATD, in collaboration with colleagues and students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and later also the University and the Free University of Amsterdam. Together with ArtEZ and the Health Team of the ATD, she is writing a study book on anatomy, physical training, mental skills and nutrition that will be published this year.


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