Missed the kick-off of 28 May? Watch it here!

A journey through the digitalisation of theatre.

Thanks to the digitalisation of live performances, we have gained a new medium that can be used: both now and in the future.
During the Kick-Off, our guests lead you on a journey through the digitalisation of theatre.
Students explain the impact that digitalisation has on their work and which developments they undergo.

What are the possibilities?
How do you CONNECT with your audience?
How do you make a choreography come to life on the flat screen?

Alex Blum Bertelsen

Floris Verweij (cinematographer / coach be-CONNECTED) presentation and interview.
Roger Muskee (videographer and creative director in multimedia / coach be-CONNECTED) presentation.

n00b, Isabelle Kafando (ATKA) and Floor Öfner (OPP) presentation and interview.
But I'm just a Text, Marina Orlova (SNDO) presentation and interview.
JUNK, Erasmus Mackenna (Director) and Emma van Zandvoort (OPP) presentation and interview.