A graduation project by Toni Kritzer (Theatre Direction) and Inge Gutzeit (Scenography)

In the second week of January, the theater hall of the ATD will transform into a forest: a temporary autonomous zone. What can a forest teach us about community? Between the real and the impossible, what can the trees tell us of a better future? We imagine and build alternative ways of living and artmaking, the utopian horizon glistening in our eyes. In this assembly of many voices, humans and non-humans are meeting each other with kindness, curiosity and a radical desire for a better life. Once you enter the forest, you weave yourself into the mushroom networks: together, we make + share breakfast/lunch/dinner each day, sit around the bonfire and tell stories, organize and attend workshops - dreaming about another art school, one that can be a home to all of us. Walk into the forest from the 8th to the 14th of January, bring your whole self, break what breaks you, build up what builds you up, and stay for as long as you like.




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