Ébana Garín Coronel

Ébana Garín Coronel

DAS Theatre

Ébana is a Chilean actress, theatre director and filmmaker, currently living and working in Amsterdam. She has developed a line of performative research focused on the "indiscipline" of bodies on stage; both of performers and spectators. The question that has circulated in her work is how to blur the boundaries and limits that delimit disciplines, communities, geographies and also demarcate bodies.

In parallel, she has worked in theatre and circus companies as an actress, trapeze artist and dancer, and as an audiovisual producer in different television and film projects. Her work has been exhibited both in Chile and Europe. Ébana Garín currently co-directs the collective Cuerpo Sur, with which she is currently developing the projects ‘Mutilados en democracia’ and ‘Bailar la ruina’.

Info at www.ebana.cl and www.cuerpoindisciplinado.cl

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