Carolina Bianchi

Carolina Bianchi

DAS Theatre

I am a theatre director, performer and dramaturg. 

My research inhabits spaces between theatre, performance, dance dealing with problems related to patriarchy, phantasmagoria, historical pacts, gender as crisis, colonial heritages, and over eroticism. I am interested in physical practices that converse absolutely with the imaginary, in an attempt to interfere in the historical line and the attempt to destabilize the patriarchal capitalist order.

My work practices involve writing,  levitating knives, having sex with ghosts, having sex with buildings, conjuring images, communicating telepathically, being possessed by language, resurrecting performances, learning the devil's language, singing as a joyfull gore.

I am currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but  have been working and living in São Paulo in the past decade, when my works have been created in partnership with several multidisciplinary artists, some long-time partners, and other artists invited from residencies.  To this collective of artists I gave the name of CARA DE CAVALO [HORSE FACE]. Under this format I conceived: O Tremor Magnífico [The Magnificent Tremor] (2020), LOBO [WOLF] (2018), the performance Quiero hacer el amor [I wanna make love] (2017), and the lecture performance Mata-me de Prazer [Kill me with Pleasure] (2016). Now, I am working on my new piece CADELA FORÇA, for 2022.

Over the last few years I have been coordinating several residencies and workshops for sharing research.  And through workshops I have come to meet performers who collaborate with my work as LOBO and Quiero hacer el amor, enabling me to work with many artists from different parts of Brazil.

My texts have been published in independent publications such as Janela de Dramaturgia (Brazil, 2019) and the pornographic book VULGAR (Bazil, 2020). 

The text of The Magnificent Tremor was published independently by the collective Cara de Cavalo in 2020. 

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