Amparo González Sola

Amparo González Sola

Amparo González Sola was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1984. Currently, she lives between Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, and Paris. 

She is a choreographer, dancer, researcher, teacher, and activist. In her work, proprioception, and politics; philosophy, decolonial feminism and studies of fascia are intertwined. She works both in theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, bringing together people from different backgrounds, generations, and disciplines. 

She has participated presenting her work, proposing perceptive practices and giving workshops in international contexts. She is part of the collective of artistic-activism Escena Política and of the group KM29 (Buenos Aires). She coordinates community projects in Buenos Aires and Utrecht. She collaborates regularly with other artists, thinkers and activists.

She studied at the Taller de Danza del Teatro San Martín, Bachelor of Arts at UNSAM (AR), Arts, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Université Paris 8 (FR), Program for choreographers Edition Spetiale at CND (2019 FR). 

Since 2019 she has been developing the project Exploring Reciprocity as a guest artist invited by the city of Utrecht -Program Residenties in Utrecht (NL)-. She created Charged (WIP 2019, Dansmaker, NL), La conspiración de las formas (2018, Sívori Museum, AR), Caravana (2017, Spring Performing Art Festival, NL- TACEC La Plata, AR); Hay alguien ahí (2016, Bicéfalos, AR), El Becerro de Oro (2015, Bienal Arte Joven, AR).

About her current research on reciprocity*

From the intuition that reciprocity would be a feminist and decolonial way of relating, Amparo explore which implications this has in the choreographic field: which physicalities makes possible, which relationship with the audience, between human and more-than-human entities in the performatic space.

Her work is triggered by her experience of activism in Buenos Aires, the contact with the cosmology of her Mapuche ancestors, her understanding of choreography as a relational practice, her studies of fascia and philosophy, her condition of migrant and the successive processes of identification, des-identification and ambiguation that it produces.

She is wondering how to create the choreographic conditions to make possible the perception and unfolding of other human and more-than-human existences: how to perceive the invisible, the silenced, the buried ones...

* “Exploring Reciprocity” started in 2019 within the program Residenties in Utrecht (NL). It consists in a series of Practices (protocols of reciprocity) through which Amparo invites the people of a community to experience and to create a state of reciprocity through very simple propositions of perception, movement and conversation.

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