Escaping reality to build a new one

Deep down
Far away
Long ago
Two people found their home
A little home
A shelter
A place to get lost
Their reality
Own rules

It’s all they need
They have each other


UNDERGROUND is a collaboration with Mime, Scenography and Design & Technology at Academy of Theatre and Dance

Mime performers and concept: Mher Brutyan, Meghan Dobbelsteijn Bisschops
Supervisor and final direction: Paul van der Laan
Scenography: Wybe de Haan
Light design: Wybe de Haan, Pyke Effern
Sound design: Asun Gaaikema
Technical support: Huib Folmers and Marcel Slagter
Productional support: Stella van Leeuwen

With special thanks to Dwayne Toemere, Lois Maat, Frits Steeghs and the people from the ATT.



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