Josefa Pereira

Josefa Pereira

DAS Choreography

from the state of being captured and taken by the experience of color, touch, texture, viscosity, strength, rhythm, oscillation, repetition. From the enchantment and astonishment that all

these different qualities might manifest when in friction, interaction, conflict. All sorts of potent forces that are able to give shape to thoughts, contexts, communities, cats, plants, saliva, light, mountains, wormholes, cakes, reality, world.


Josefa is a choreographer and performer. She has produced most part of her work and life in the city of São Paulo and it’s artistic scene. There she collaborated with choreographers and directors, and also dedicated an important time to create within the context of Núcleo de Garagem and Ghawazee Coletivo de Ação, both art collectives that have made from theirs artistic practice a field for inventing, producing and frictioning ways of creating as an act of emergence, relation, and commonality.

This whole period has raised in her artistic practice some important axis like the interest around the place as a situated context that matters and informs the building and becoming of a situation, and in the making of art as a sensible exercise for the praxis of ​being and​ ​doing from and within​ the common, that can also be taken as a tool to think about hierarchy and authorship relations. These aspects are important components of her practice and are one of the paths where the poetical and micropolitical takes place.

In her present artistic investigation she is focused in discovering in what ways she can inhabit the cuts and polarities created by power structures in the human body / human thought - in building a world from human agency, investing in the ideas of the remnant, the survival, the unknown and around monstrosity, that certainly touches in concerns around colonialism, gender and so on.

With a strong appeal around plasticity and handling of the matter, she seeks to think of choreography as a co-making of a certain situation where forces get engaged in gestures of/for commutation, transformation/mutation, contagion, effect and affect. From this co-building, there will be an awareness to "What are the politics of what is seen/and perceived?" committing to the deeper aspects of what tends to left aside and inside in the urgent state appearing/disappearing of an event.


Josefa has graduated in Performing Arts at PUC-SP (BR), with a PROUNI scholarship, and took part in PACAP I promoted by Forum Dança (PT). As a student at DAS Graduate School, she is a grant recipient from the Gulbenkian Foundation (PT). For 6 years oriented artistic processes at Programa Vocacional (BR), and currently teach dance classes at Forum Dança (PT). She is part of ​"Monstra" (2017), a piece directed by Elisabete Finger and Manuela Eichner. Among her creations, there are "Mandíbula" (2018) and "Égua" (2017) in partnership with artist Patrícia Bergantin, whom she co-founded the Tectonica Platform and the development of the trilogy “Pink Bestiary” "Hidebehind" (2018) and "Glimpse" (2020).\

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