too much in the head

What do we know about the inner life of Artificial Intelligence?
How are the thoughts moving there?
What happens in its dreams?
Can it get emotional?
What if it is emotionally unstable?
Can it have a mental disorder?
Does it need therapy?

A choreographic work that involves 3 dimensions of live improvisation: from performers, AI* and sound designer.

* The AI (Artificial Intelligence) in this piece is represented by a real text based neural network that was trained with the data from 35 interviews with neurodivergent people.

Concept, choreography - Marina Orlova
Performance - Asya Deynekina, Chen MingJou, Adam Jönsson, AI.
Programming - Artyom Kuznetsov
Sound design - Arieh Chrem
Scenography - Paulina Prokop, Marina Orlova
Advice - Eva Susova
Technical producing - Fred Rodrigues

Created with the support of IDlab

Many thanks to: Paca faraus, Biljana Radinoska, Ana Vujanovic, Bruno Listopad, Julcsi Vavra, Frits van Driel, Charlot van der Meer, Martin Kaffarnik, Rik van der Veen, Burkhard Körner and all the beautiful people who took part in the interviews.

Photos by Sonya Golovkova



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